The Qur’anic, scientific and logical arguments for God’s existence


The Holy Quran provides adequate arguments for God’s existence. Since it is a word of the Almighty, it could better explicate the presence of a divine being. The arguments in the Quran do not explicitly explain His existence; there requires a thorough interpretation of some verses that are meant to provide insight about the existence of God. Some of the Qur’anic, scientific and logical arguments for God’s existence are given as follows:

Scene of nature:

There are signs and evidences of God’s existence in the scene of nature.

Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah (Surah 2; Verse 164)

For those who use reason, there are signs in

  1. The creation of the heavens and the earth,
  2. The alternation of day and night,
  3. The sailing of ships through the sea, carrying goods which are of benefits to mankind,
  4. The rain which God sends down from the sky, with which He gives life to the dead land,
  5. All kinds of animals which He has scattered all over the earth
  6. The changing courses of winds and
  7. The clouds which run their course between the heavens and the earth.

Take a short break and start to ponder all these above-mentioned points. How was this immense universe created, and how are day and night changing? If it had been created as the result of an accident without the involvement of the Divine Being, it would not have been perfectly designed. Everything in nature is perfect and fine. For instance,

  1. The sun is the ultimate source of energy for the earth. Without it, life on the planet would cease to exist. All other sources of energy, including fossil oil and natural gas, are ultimately derived from solar energy. The growth of food in the soil, the formation of wind, and precipitation are all because of the sun. Thus, the survival of life on earth is due to solar energy. The formation of the sun could not be an accident. It means there was Someone who knew the importance of heat energy for the survival of life on earth. The sun is perfect evidence for the existence of God.
  2. Let’s suppose the creation of the sun was an accident for the time being. The distance between the sun and earth could not be an accident. If the earth had been a little closer to or farther away from the sun, the temperature would have reached an intolerable level for life to survive on the earth. The distance between the sun and earth was perfectly designed by, of course, Someone who knew how to maintain a perfect temperature for life to exist on the earth.
  3. The earth is protected by an ozone layer that prevents harmful ultraviolent radiation from entering the earth’s surface, which could create problems for humans. Is this protection layer that science has recently discovered a result of an accident? The answer must be a big no.
  4. We learned in school that 3/4 of the earth’s surface is covered with water, mostly in the form of oceans. However, in school, we were not taught about its importance. The recycling and circulation of water on earth are due to the oceans. The vast surface area of oceanic water enables the formation of clouds that drift towards the continent and are poured on the earth in the form of precipitation. The circulation of rivers, the formation of lakes and forests, and the cultivation of land are all because of the oceans. Had 3/4 of the earth’s surface been covered with land, there would have been almost no rainfall, and the earth would have presented the image of a desert without life. Thus, the creation of ocean water is also perfectly designed in a perfect quantity. It also provides scientific evidence about the wise creator.
  5. Now consider the earth as a massive aircraft that is released into space to move about its axis. About 10 people are put in the aircraft and provided with all the necessary means for their survival, like food and oxygen. For how long would they survive? May be for some days, months, or years. Earth is also like an aircraft that revolves around the sun. Every required means is provided on earth for the survival of life. Even rare earth metals are made available that are used in the formation of electronic devices. The oil and gas are stored to run industries. Steel ores are found to construct massive buildings. Moreover, many of these items are recycled both naturally and artificially. It means that like an aircraft that has been released by someone from the earth with all the basic necessities of life, the earth is also formed by an intelligent creator in perfect design with all the basic necessities of life. The difference is that the earth recycles all means of life, unlike aircraft, because God is a better creator.

These above-mentioned examples are only a few references being discussed from the scene of nature to prove the existence of God. In detail, many books can be produced from such arguments because the signs and evidence of God’s existence are infinite

Creation of human being:

The process of human creation also provides sufficient evidence for the existence of God.

Allah says in Surah Al-Muminum (Surah:23 Verse:14)

Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot, We made a lump; then We made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the best to create.

By giving a thought to how the sperm is changed into a clot of blood and eventually bones and flesh are produced out of it, a person will certainly start to believe that there must be someone who is managing this whole process. And He is our creator.

Is the creation of humans an accident? Is the perfectly designed reproduction system in the human body an accident? The human body is composed of six major elements: oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, calcium, and phosphorus. If we put these elements in a box, can we expect to get a new human being accidentally developed? If we got it accidentally, would it be so perfect that it would sexually reproduce? If yes, why would we not see such accidents today? Can I get a new BMW electric car with the latest technology automatically created in the aftermath of an earthquake on earth? Every created thing has a creator, and the creator of humans is God.

Complex design of Human Body:

The human body has a very complex design. The way it works is perfect. Each organ of the body is perfectly designed and continuously works within its limits. Such a complex and perfect design of the human body cannot be created accidentally or without a creator.

Allah says in Surah Al-Dhariyat (Surah: 51 Verse: 21)

There are signs in your own selves. Do you not observe?

Balance in the universe:

There is a perfect balance in the universe. Every celestial body moves along a fixed path and does not collide with another. It seems that someone controls the movement of the universe and prevents its collision. The force is called God.

Allah says in Surah Yasin (Surah: 36 Verse: 40)

It is not permitted to the sun to catch up the moon nor the night to surpasses the day. Each move in its own orbit.  

This Surah also provides scientific arguments. We learned in school that the sun is stationary. But Allah mentioned in the Quran about 1400 years ago that the sun also moves about its axis. Very recently, scientists have agreed with the Quran.

Process of formation of milk in cattle:

There are instructive signs about the existence of God in the process of milking the cattle. The coming of pure white milk from the blood and semi-digested food of cattle is nothing short of a miracle. There must be a creator who has created a process for making milk from their bodies.

Allah says in Surah Al-Nahl (Surah: 16 Verse: 66)

And verily in cattle (too) you will find an instructive sign. From what is within their bodies between excretions and blood, We produce, for your drink, milk, pure and agreeable to those who drink it.

Creation of honey:

The creation of honey is another sign of God’s existence.

Allah says in Surah Al-Nahl (Surah 16; Verse 69)

There emerges from their bellies a drink, varying in colors, in which there is healing for people. Indeed in that is a sign for a people who give thought.

We learned about 400 years ago from science that honey is obtained from the bellies of bees. The Quran mentioned it around 1400 years ago. Scientifically as well, science has proved that the honey has mild healing properties. Even in World War II, honey was poured on the wounds of soldiers to prevent infection. It means someone knew it 1400 years ago, what science tells us now.

Variety in colors:

Giving thought to how vegetables and fruits of varying colours are produced from the same soil and water also provides an instructive sign about the existence of God.

Allah says in in Surah Al-Nahl (Surah 16: Verse 13)

And there are also Signs for those who take heed in the numerous things of various colours that He has created for you on earth.

Scientific arguments given by Dr. Zakir Naik to prove God’s existence:

Some of the following arguments are given by Dr. Zakir Naik to scientifically prove God’s existence from the Holy in his lecture: Is the Quran God’s word?

  • The creation of universe and big bang theory:

Science believes that the universe was initially one primary nebula then there was a secondary separation; a big bang which gave rise to the stars, galaxies, moon the sun and the earth. Thus, science has recently, about 100 years ago, explained that the creation of the universe was the result of an explosive expansion called the big bang.

The Quran mentions in Surah Al Ambiya (Surah 21; Verse 30)

Do the disbelievers not realize that the heavens and earth were ˹once˺ one mass then We split them apart?1 And We created from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?

The big bang theory was written in the Holy Quran 1400 years ago. Who could have written it?

  • Shape of the earth:

Earlier, it was believed that the earth was flat. It was in 1577 that Francis Drake, who sailed around the world and proved that the earth was spherical.

The Holy Quran mentions in Surah Al-Nazi’at (Surah 79; Verse 30)

And after that He has spread out the earth in the egg-shape

The Arabic word used in this verse is dahaha, which means an ostrich-egg. Today, as discovered by the science, the shape of earth is geo-spherical, which resembles to the ostrich egg. Imagine, the Quran mentioned 1400 years ago that the shape of earth is geo-spherical. Who could have mentioned it?

  • Light of the moon:

Earlier, it was believed that the moon had its own light. Very recently, science has proved that the light of the moon is reflected light.

The Quran mentions in Surah Al-Furqan (Surah 25; verse 61)

Blessed is the One Who has placed constellations in the sky, as well as a ˹radiant˺ lamp1 and a luminous moon.

The Arabic words used to describe the light of the moon are muneer and noor. Muneer means borrowed light, and noor means reflection of light. Who could have mentioned 1400 years ago that the light of the moon is borrowed and reflected?

  • Sun is not stationary:

We learned in school that the sun is stationary. Recently, science has proved that apart from revolving, it also rotates about its own fixed axis.

The Quran mentions in Surah Al-Anbiya (Surah 21; verse 33)

And He is the One Who created the day and the night, the sun and the moon—each travelling in an orbit.

Imagine that we learned in school that the sun is stationary, and science very recently corrected it and proved that the sun also moves about its axis. The Quran mentioned it 1400 years ago: The sun is not stationary. Who could have mentioned it?

  • Pain receptors in the skin:

Science has recently found that there are pain receptors in the skin of living beings. If the skin is totally burned out, the pain receptors are damaged as well, and the body no longer feels pain.

The Quran mentioned in Surah Al-Nisa (Surah 4; verse 56)

Surely those who reject Our signs, We will cast them into the Fire. Whenever their skin is burnt completely, We will replace it so they will ˹constantly˺ taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah is Almighty, All-Wise.

A professor from Thailand who was carrying out research on pain receptors and heard about this verse of the Holy Quran accepted Islam. Who could have mentioned 1400 years ago that pain receptors lie in the skin?

  • Finger printing method:

Some people argued that how Allah (SWT) would be able to reconstruct the bones on the day of judgement once they had died and their bones had disintegrated.

Allah says in the Quran in Surah Al-Qiyamah (Surah 75; verse3-4)

Do people think We cannot reassemble their bones? Yes ˹indeed˺! We are ˹most˺ capable of restoring ˹even˺ their very fingertips.

It was in 1880 that Sir Francis Bacon discovered the finger printing method and said that no two finger prints, even in a million human beings, were identical. The Quran mentioned finger printing methods 1400 years ago, which science discovered in the 1880s. Who could have mentioned them?

For more scientific arguments, please watch the video lecture of Dr. Zakir Naik entitled “Is the Quran God’s word? He has described it in detail.


Thus, in the Holy Quran, there are many scientific and logical arguments that explain the existence of God. Some of the signs of God’s existence, like the scene of nature, the creation of human beings, the complex design of the human body, balance in the universe, the creation of honey and milk, and a variety of colours, are described above. Some of the scientific arguments from Dr. Zakir Naik’s lecture are also highlighted for better understanding. The Holy Quran underscores the idea that the universe was created as a result of an accident but rather as a deliberate creation by the Creator.


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